A Few Words About Us

We Have Provided Quality Health Care For0 Years

Horizon Health Limited is a health insurance company whose goal is to provide affordable healthcare solutions while maximizing the benefits of the client.

Horizon Health Limited is a locally registered company which started its operations on 1st July 2010.

Horizon Health Limited is owned and managed by Malawian professionals who have teamed up from various professional backgrounds in order to provide effective and efficient health insurance services possible.

Horizon Health has a wide network of healthcare providers scattered throughout the country that take care of the healthcare needs of all its clients.

Our Promise & Competence

We promise a high standard of service which exceeds the expectation
We have built a team of exciting, confident and professional people with extensive expertise and experience in health and insurance business.

Our Values

Excellent Services.

Words From Horizon Health Limited

In a world full of uncertainities, we want to be the source of hope to all Malawians by providing the QUALITY health services available at affordable premiums.

Something To Think About

The One that has Health has Hope and the One that has Hope has EVERYTHING .

Our Mission

To provide health risk management services through the development of innovative health insurance products characterized by outstanding service and added stakeholder value

Our Vision

To be the preferred Medical Insurance Provider in Malawi.

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