Thandizo Scheme

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GP Consultations: 100% up to Annual Maximum Benefit Limit
Specialist consultations: Nil
Maternity - normal delivery: 1Nil
Caesarian section: Nil
Major procedures: 100% up to maximum annual limit, 6 mopnths waiting period
Pathlogy: 100% up to limit of MK20,000.00 per annum
Radiology: 100% MK20,000.00 limit per annum, subject 12 month wait period
Specialized radiology:Nil
General dentistry: 100% up to limit of MK40,000.00 per annum
Specialized dentistry: Nil
Chronic generic drugs: 100% up to limit of MK70,000.00 per annum.
Chronic branded drugs: 70% up to chronic limit above
Accute medicines(NBB/ NGD, OTCS, VAC): 100% subject to Overall Annual Limit
Optital - Frames and lenses: Nil
Eye test: 100% subject to annual optical limit
Services(Physiotherapy to include Occupational therapy): Nil
Hospitalisation(medical and surgical wards): 100% up to Annual Maximum Benefit Limit
Oncology treatment: Nil
Foreign treatment(worldwide): Nil
Emergency air evacuation: Nil
Emergency road evacuation: Nil
Funeral benefit: MK60,000.00
Blood transfusion: 100% up to maximum annual limit
Dialysis: Nil
Hearing Aids(Once every 5 years): Nil
Organ transplant: Nil
Orthopaedic Procedures: Nil
Appliances(clutches, prothesis): Nil
COVID-19: Nil

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